The Steps to Becoming a Class Valedictorian

Are you interested about how to be a valedictorian? Well, this is really a great dream but you must work hard for it. The valedictorian is that person in class who has the highest grades. When there is a tie, then it is possible to have more than one valedictorian. One is also more likely to give a speech during the graduation ceremony. If you really want to become one, then these are the things that you need to know so that you can really achieve becoming a valedictorian.

When you are interested about becoming a valedictorian, then you need to start preparing early. What this means is that you might like to start thinking it in the ninth grade year or during the first year in college.  Also, you must know that in high school, the class selection can also influence whether or not you would become a valedictorian. For example, in some courses, particularly those which are Advanced Placement or the AP, have such higher value for the GPA as compared to those which are not AP courses.

You must also be aware that some schools have such Honors courses which are weighted much heavily. Well, the difference though is that the AP courses would count as those college credits but the honors may not. Hence, you need to set yourself up to begin such AP and Honors courses. There are also some schools that permit you to start with such advanced courses in 8th grade and would provide you with a stepping stone as well as a solid foundation to start the AP courses. Visit Honor Society for more info.

It is also very important that you are well rounded. The valedictorian should have the highest marks across the board and not the highest marks in one subject. You just don't have to be a jack of all trades but you need to be a master of all trades when talking of the subjects that you will be taking in high school.

You may not be the really best math student in school, for instance, and someone else has taken the crown with the highest math score, but you still need to have a really high grade in the class. 

Also, you must know that the electives may count when being a valedictorian. So you must make sure that you would enroll in those electives where you are going to excel. There are those high schools which will provide you with various courses that would fulfill a similar requirement. Watch this video about valedictorians: